Maranatha Baptist Church History

Maranatha (meaning “come Lord Jesus” Rev.22) Baptist Church began as a Bible Study group in the home of Bob and Brenda Bergeron in Newton, N.H. January 1984 under the leadership of the late Rev. Bernard Hughes, Director of CBANE. Mr. Ron Blackington of Haverhill, MA was the Bible Study leader.

We called our first Pastor Rev. Robert Chickering, December 1984 in cooperation with CBANE, Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society, (CBHMS), and New Churches NOW program with Rev. Len Waterman Eastern New England New Church Coordinator.

On March 25, 1985 we held our first church service in the Plaistow Public Library where in April five people became charter members. Rev. and Mrs. Robert Chickering, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bergeron and Delores McCrackin. In June of 1985 we began meeting at Kingston Nursery, Mill Rd., Kingston, N.H at the invitation of Linda Devost, Dick Senters Daughter. We continued to meet there until June 1991 when we moved into our new facility.

Worship Services were held followed by Sunday school. Mid week services of Prayer and sharing were held in various homes. Sunday Evening Services were held in homes or at Kingston Nursery until Pastor Chickering resigned.

Mr. Robert Bergeron was our first Church clerk, followed by Delores McCrackin and Linda Williams. Delores McCrackin was our first Treasurer, followed by Scott Mosher and Ernie Swinerton.

1986 a Women’s Ministry called Priscilla’s was established under the leadership of Delores McCrackin.

Nov. 1986 Rev. Chickering resigned. Services were continued with various speakers and under the leadership of Mr. Lynn Sprague Chairman of our Steering Committee. Rev. Hector Castro became the Interim Pastor June 1987.

Rev. Gerald H. Scott, Church Planter from Maine, and his wife Gloria were called to become the Pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church. January 1, 1988 the Scott’s began their ministry at Maranatha and continued to lead the church through a building program and various stages of development.

The church was established in cooperation with the Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society of Wheaton, IL. January 1990 the church became self-supporting. And is in Association with the Conservative Baptist Association of America.

In 1989 times of services were changed to Sunday School at 9:30 and Worship Service at 10:45. Wednesday Prayer Services were held in various homes at 7 p.m. Sunday Evening Services were held for special events.

In 1985 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Senter gave a plot of land to the young church.
May of 1989 a groundbreaking service was held. In preparation of our building wood was cut, milled, prepared and cured by people of the church and interested friends.

On September 17,1990 construction began on the church building under the leadership of Mr. Stan Laro and the Minute Men. The people of Maranatha continued the building program with the help of many, many people and other churches working together to see the erection of the new building.

In June 1991 the first service was held in our new location. Work continued on the building including erection of a steeple by David Maguire. On Oct. 16, 1993 we held a dedication service for our debt free building.

During 1992 after much hard work by the Steering Committee our Constitution and By-Laws were voted into place.

In 1995, in accordance with the Constitution when the membership became more than 25 the Steering Committee was dissolved and the Constitution was fully functioning with a full slate of officers including Deacons & Deaconesses.

Summer hours for services began June 24, 2001 at 9:45-11: a.m. Children’s Church was held for the children during the message time.

April 25, 2001 Pastor Scott resigned as Pastor of Maranatha being effective June 17, 2001. The title of Pastor Emeritus was bestowed upon Pastor Scott.

Rev. Russell C. Moyer, Sr. and his wife Ruth served as Interim Pastor and was called as full-time Pastor in the fall of 2002. He retired in June, 2005. Rev. Raymond Hill was then called in the fall of 2005.

We continued to worship together on Sundays, pray together on Wednesday evenings, and held other special times of fellowship.

In October 2006 we changed our name to Mill Road Baptist Church. Over the years we fear the name has been a source of confusion. We wanted Kingston residents to understand our name, our beliefs, and our concern for the spiritual well being of our neighbors.

Finally, for reasons known only to God, a series of events brought us to the conclusion we were no longer being called by God to carry forth the ministry at 11 Mill Road. A unanimous vote of the membership was taken April 6, 2010 to begin the process of closing this ministry.

Mill Road Baptist Church began as a Bible Study group in the home of Bob and Brenda Bergeron in Newton, NH. January 1984 under the leadership of the late Rev. Bernard Hughes, Director of CBANE. The Ministry was closed in April, 2010.

Pastors of our Past

Pastoral Family Emeritus
Rev. Gerald H. Scott and Gloria


Rev. Russell and Ruth Moyer


Rev. Raymond Hill
and wife Pam


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